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Photo JPL is based in Montreal and operates primarily in the province of Quebec with some international activities. We offer high quality interactive virtual tour solutions using 360 degrees panoramic photography to various customers since many years. Spherical Panoramic Photography is an innovative communication tool which is unmatched to promote your premises, facilities, products or events.

The immersive panoramic tours are highly effective to immerse the user in your world. It is possible to include conventional photographs in our virtual tours, audio, video, text descriptions, symbols or interactive hotspots. The user explores the environment at his own pace by focusing on what interests him mainly moving the image by draging the mouse, navigational buttons or by selecting the hotspots in the image.

Our virtual tours can be easily integrated on your website.  Also, panoramic images can be a powerful marketing tool to demonstrate your site or product on a local computer in shows or marketing events.

The panoramic photographs can be used for publication in print as any conventional photography.

Photo JPL serves different sectors and types of customers such as:
Hotels, restaurants, real estate agencies, municipalities, educational institutions, businesses, tourism organizations, publishers, festivals, museums, schools, media companies and other organizations. New fields of activities that can benefit from our services are assessed on a regular basis.

List of services and options:

  • 360 degrees interactive Panoramic Photography.  High Dynamic Range image processing used when required (HDR).
  • Virtual tour linking several panoramic images
  • Interactive map with hotspots
  • Descriptive text & information spots in the images
  • Still photograph to show details or other views than the 360 degrees image
  • Audio: Recording of ambient sound to enhance the immersion
  • Video: Integration of video content into the panoramic image.


How interactive panoramic images are made?

The shooting is done with a digital camera on a tripod or monopod equipped with specialized equipment to do this type of images. The photographer makes a series of shots in several directions to cover the shooting environment. In some cases multiple exposures can be processed using HDR (High Dynamic Range) depending of the lighting conditions to optimize the final image. The shooting is relatively fast and can vary from several minutes to several hours depending on topics. The images are then assembled on computer using specialized software for image processing to produce the final panoramic image. This production stages in the lab are the longest and can take several days depending on the nature and scope of the project.

View this video of photographer Jean-Pierre Lavoie presenting the overall steps involved in producing a spherical panoramic image for a Canadian television scientific show (Découverte, Radio-Canada: note that the video is in french.)


For more information: Contact Us!

Contact us now to establish your needs and we will provide you with a quote for your project. Each project is different, the important thing is to define your needs properly!

Email: info@photojpl.com

Tel: (514) 384-3271


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